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Write Articles On Authority Sites

Verbal or written skills

There are many authority websites who

are always looking for fresh content and

ideas to expand their user base and

maximize profits. For this reason, they

need new people with new ideas who

can do this job for them.

Although most of them have content research, curation and editorial teams, but no matter how experienced they are they cannot cover everything.

So, many such websites will pay you to write content for them. This helps them to capture new ideas and topics that otherwise would have never been discovered by their content teams.

This also provides a great opportunity to writers who want earn quick cash writing articles

Suitable For

People who love to write and would like to share their knowledge and expertise with the world.

Skills Required

Ability to express knowledge in writing with simpler yet effective way.

How To Get Started

The best way to get started is to find the topics that interest you the most, do some research and compile an informative article. Then find the authority websites in the niche related to your topic, contact them via email and forward your article to them.

Following is the Bonus List of 12 Amazing Authority Websites from diverse niches, most of which will pay you up to $100 per article, upon acceptance or publication.

Your aim should be to find a site that matches your interests and write as many informative articles for them.

Bonus list of 12 amazing authority websites


Topics Covered - General

Payment - $100 per article

Payment Method - PayPal


Topics Covered - Finance


- Up to $75 per article

Payment Method - PayPal


Topics Covered - Parenting


$75 per article

Payment Method - PayPal