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No special skill Are you looking for a second source of income? Or a way to generate money income ?

AirTM: Success story as an

independent ATM

AirTM may be the way to get there in no time.

This is a complete guide to start earning money

in dollars by working just a few hours a day as a

cashier at AirTM.

Today I want to tell you how i managed to earn a

salary in dollars as an AirTM cashier. Yes, it is

possible to achieve it, and relatively easy.

If you have the necessary tools, you will be

making money in no time and in this article I am

going to help you get those tools.

This is how I earned $1,236

USD per month working as an

independent teller

When I started working as a cashier at AirTM,I

barely made a dollar or two a day. Although that

already seemed interesting to me, it was not

enough to be a fixed salary.

I did not know very well how to choose the

transactions, and many times I ended up losing

money due to the commissions of the virtual


But over time| learned and everythingl earned

was reinvested to generate more money, so in a

short time I was already earning more than $40

a day

And that's when I understood it: the key was to

look for the best opportunities.

Not all AirTM withdrawal and anchor operations

were good. You have to know how to choose the

ones that really leave you money.

Take a good look at the

commissions and the exchange


The important thing in AirTM is to know how

much real profit you will have left after

completing the cycle.

For example: if you send $100 dollars to the

AirTM account of a third party who wants to

fund their Paypal account, that person will send

you about $114 dollars to your Paypal account.

Perfect, you already won $16 in a few moments.

But then to withdraw that $114 from your AirTM

account, you will need to pay $16 ($14 to the

cashier and $2 to AirTM for commission). And

you end up losing $2 dollars.

But if you manage to accept a transaction from

someone who wants to send money from AirTM

to Paypal, you can make a profit from this too.

$O.5 dollars to be precise.

It's not the same as the $14 above, but it adds

up. At the end of the circuit you will have sent

$100 dollars to Paypal and received $114.5 in

your AirTM account.

Obtaining the highest possible profitability and

thus earning 14.5 dollars in a few minutes of


If the above is not very clear to you, do not

worry, we will see everything in detail step by

step. Let's see how to start from scratch on

AirTM and how the platform works.

What is AirTM?

AirTM is a payment intermediary between

people, this is commonly known as P2P P2P

Peer To Peer or person to person (direct


A P2P platform serves as a meeting point for

users of different financial apps and works to

exchange balances between platforms that are

not compatible with each other or that charge

very high fees for withdrawing money.

A clear example is PayPal.

If you work or start a business on the internet,

probably one of your first payments will be

through PayPal. Let's say it's less than $100.

If you are, for exa