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How to start a virtual top up business in 2021 easy steps.

How to start a virtual top up (VTU) business in 2021 easy steps.

Technology has opened a variety of business opportunities that are tremendous and appealing at the same time, an opportunity to work and earn money as side hustle or full time, the possibilities are endless.

Gone are the days when you need huge resources in other to startup a business but with the little money you have, you can still open up a business and earn profit in a short while.

Have you heard of virtual top up (VTU) business, probably your answer May be yes, you have heard it from a friend, family member or quite possibly online, and you are wondering what it is, don't worry,all you need is to relax and read on but if you haven't already heard, don't worry, we will carry you along and explain everything in details.

What is a virtual top up (VTU) business?

VTU is is an acronym for virtual top up. It's otherwise known as recharge and get paid business. It's one of the most paying business in Nigeria, you sell airtime digitally.

With little investment, you can start a virtual top up business that generates consistent income, you will be offering services like airtime recharge, Data bundle, cable subscription and much more with as little as 5000 naira right from your PC or mobile phone or tablet.

Let me introduce you to these business and how you can start it right away and requirements.

What are the requirements to start a virtual top up (VTU)business.

1. Sim card of various network.

2. Internet connection.

3. Mobile banking application or debit card (ATM).

4. Google drive application.

5. VTU vending pack.

Is virtual top up business profitable?

Yes! You recharge and I recharge, an average user spends about 2000 naira on airtime monthly, what does that mean to you? Nigerians spends billions of naira on Data monthly. To see what's trending, you need to go online, get in touch with friends, watch videos and play games and Data is needed to get this achieved, whereby creating a high demand for this business and VTU makes these easier and faster and you get your commission on each transaction. Even Banks are into these business making huge profit, if these business is not profitable, will Banks venture into it?.

How to start your own virtual top up business with jumia one app.

1. Download the jumia one app via play store or

2. Register via

3. Login to your jumia one app with jumia login details.

4. pick a carrier you need to use.

5. Your setup is done, you can now start your virtual top up business.

How can I make profit in virtual top up business.

You have finished creating your account, it's time to start recharging via VTU and make profit. To start selling, follow the instructions below:

1. Login to your jumia one app and choose your airtime choice.

2. Choose the network provider of the network you want to recharge, eg MTN, 9mobile, Airtel or Glo.

3. Enter the phone number you want to recharge and amount.

4. You have to confirm the details you entered if it's correct.

5. Add your ATM card details to complete transaction, tap the "PAY NOW" button, you would be redirected to an OTP page.

6. The OTP Will be sent to you via SMS, confirm the OTP but before then, cross-check the details if they are accurate.

7. Now your transaction will be carried out successfully, you will receive a debit alert and your client will be credited according to the amount you entered.

How much can I make from virtual top up business.

How much you make largely depends on you and how many transactions you're able to carry out. Normally you will receive 3-5% of the amount you recharge. The more transactions you Carry out, the higher you earn.