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Lacking technical knowhow

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Abstract In view of the importance of a franchise contract in disseminating knowledge, and improvement, this study came to shed light on technical knowledge and its impact on determining the legal nature of a franchise contract. It also illuminated the possibility of the existence of a weak idea or a compliance problem in this type of contract. Strengthening of concession contracts was recommended, particularly relating to the industrial sector, which would inevitably lead to development and prosperity. Keywords: Franchise, Technical know-how, Knowledge Introduction The basic pillars or the real motive of franchise is improvement. These pillars spur the drive for more technical knowledge which leads to increased number of studies to develop expert knowledge on legal and economic phenomena. Recent contracts have demonstrated an important element, which is a key focus on technology when it comes to the nature of these contracts. Generally, the cornerstone of a franchise contract is the object of that contract. Furthermore, until the approval of the contract, the licensee needs to exploit the knowledge underlying the franchise because it imposes conditions often licensed to the licensee. There are several definitions of franchise. One is, “a contract which allows or permits a producer or a trader to emulate another dealer using the right methods of sale and service given by the donor” (Radwan, F, 1988, p. 15). Another is a contractual relationship between

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